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Linda Catling

Hello, I’m Linda!

If you're feeling stuck, unclear or overwhelmed, you're in the right place! I can help you tap into your intuition, find answers, and move forward with confidence.

Whether you're blocked writing a sales page, grappling with relationship issues, or wanting greater clarity on a particular issue, you'll find resources here that will make life flow more smoothly.

My approach to clarity is based on more than 20 years of helping meditation students access their innate wisdom to find answers. I use deep listening, guided meditation, contemplation, and my own intuition to help you connect with your inner knowing.



Clarity Delivered Straight to Your Inbox!

Linda has a very loving peaceful energy, I really enjoyed our session. Linda created a beautiful safe space where I was able to get really clear on some things that had been troubling. It was such a gift to be guided to tap into the profound wisdom of my body. – Natalie Alexia